Calendar - Picturesque Israel

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Calendar - Picturesque Israel
A delightful 16-month (Sept 2018 to Dec 2019) calendar filled with the paintings of Israeli Messianic artist Connie Kind Shishkoff. Connie The Picturesque Israel calendar is composed, designed and printed in the Galilee of Israel. Each lovely painting was lovingly created by this artist and in this calendar is accompanied buy an appropriate Scripture in English and Hebrew. This stunning calendar is the perfect accompaniment to your devotions for the year. It is the most comprehensive Messianic Hebraic calendar you will find.

Please check out the pictures for examples of the calendar's amazing formatting.

ALL MAJOR BIBLICAL/JEWISH HOLIDAYS ("The LORD's Appointed Times") explained in a special reference chart at back of calendar. MAJOR ISRAELI HOLIDAYS also included.
HOLIDAYS denoted on calendar in different colors in English and transliterated Hebrew as well as alternative Torah names of holidays.
All dates in both Jewish/Lunar and Gregorian/solar calendar systems, in ENGLISH AND HEBREW
References shown for all WEEKLY SCRIPTURE PORTIONS (Torah and Haftarah), plus "Gospel Portions."
SABBATH (Shabbat) beginning and ending times for Jerusalem
Fascinating Hebrew LEARNING PAGES making this much more than just a calendar.
When you are finished with the calendar, each page SUITABLE FOR FRAMING
Each calendar day has a LARGE WRITING AREA. In addition, each calendar month has one or more writing spaces for reminders and notes.
DIMENSIONS: Open 13 1/2 x 17 1/2 inches (34 x 44 cm) Closed 13 1/2 x 8 2/3 inches (34 x 22 cm)
A percentage of sales from this calendar goes to help Messianic congregations in Israel
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