A Maze of Grace

Natalie Yule Yeoman   Cuba Press
A Maze of Grace
In 2015 Natalie Yule Yeoman was diagnosed with breast cancer. A Maze of Grace is the story of her response to the illness over a year, through diary entries, correspondence, poems, medical reports and family writings.

By cultivating her inner resources, including her Christian belief and disarming sense of humour, Natalie was able to find new ways of coping with the devastation of the illness as it progressed to secondary tumours and became incurable. Hers is a story of diagnoses, delays, mistakes, inquiries and apologies - but it is also a story of faith and community, hope and family.

Natalie's wish is that her discoveries on this pilgrimage will be helpful for anyone going through a health crisis. For others, the story of this wahine toa who lives life to the full will be quite simply an inspiration.

"This book warms both heart and soul. There are many ways to cope with adversity and Natalie's account may not apply to everyone but it does offer many wise insights and illustrates the magnificence of the human spirit." - Dr David Perez, oncologist

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