She Shares her Heart

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She Shares her Heart
She Shares Her Heart is a collection of 100 Devotions for and by Women of Purpose.

Each of the stories have been written by real women who have something honest and vulnerable to say about their walk with God. Throughout the pages you will find short stories of hope and love, brokenness and despair. There are stories of great faith and tales of reluctant courage; stories of trials and stories of triumph.

If you are looking for encouragement from ordinary women who have unlocked their extraordinary potential through God's love, then this book is for you. Bite-sized devotions written for and by women of purpose.

"This book is real, authentic, full of humour and tears. I know some of these women and their heart and passion for mission - or touching other peoples lives - is genuine. I could trust the words written. You can laugh and cry with them, as each story touches a part of yours. These women have known pain, bore it and moved through it, with compassion and a deep heartfelt love for Jesus. A beautiful read."
Michaela Vernall, Senior Associate Pastor, Bethlehem Baptist Church.

About the Lead Author: Kerri Price

Kerri, along with her husband, Rob, are in full-time ministry throughout the South Pacific. Living aboard their 50-foot catamaran, they are based largely in Vanuatu where they are involved with health, education and community development projects.

Kerri has been writing and speaking for over 20 years and is passionate about helping women step into God's purpose for their life. In 2019, she founded Aver Ministries with a vision to help women Unlock God's word, Unleash His spirit and become Unstoppable in their faith.

Kerri is an exceptional speaker, storyteller and Bible teacher, and is well-respected in both church and community circles. You can connect with Kerri and see more of her work on the Aver Ministries platforms.

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